Largely a matter of this illusion that we mostly think of Zoos as Man made Wild life based entertainment by a collection of goons who take over peoples lives and careers and have very bad upbringing, while the rest of us are aware these were the places where what we learnt in Science Class at School and Biology Class at High School came to life - worth mentioning the Media and Civil rights goons are now doing very well when people get into Zoos and saw off the Horn of the last Rhinoceros in the entire world. It is never really a mystery as a whole, it is very important to note how the culture of vandalism and disobedient destruction develops and to identify the nature of evil that is involved in it - we always get taken by the distraction every killer may cause to get away with their deeds but it does not change the pattern of taking over peoples lives and careers before they get about either watching and doing nothing or being complicit or generally taking part - the truth and reality will never change for a need to punish people for their money and grab money that comes from peoples hard work, which of course is the only real way money can be made; however we can always lay these problems firmly at the Door of the Politicians, it allows us fortitude to carry on and prevent further repetition.