When I say things about the environment the mistake made for the most part is that I am protecting the environment but although that is the main route it is not the overall purpose. The main direction I follow on matters of the environment is that of the fact the reason we have not been taking into account damage to the environment while we allow industrial revolutions to occur is ignorance and now that we know things and have prove of them we cannot continue to allow these things to happen. So, people might have thought about building a 50 home estate in the past without considering climate issues but it must also be respected that in those over time there emerged communities where people talked about the needs of their estates and how to make it a better living environment and if there were such discussions today, environment would most certainly have been raised. It is therefore important to put forward ahead to businesses and enterprises the fact that it might be expensive to ensure that your crude oil pipelines do not run naked on the Natural environment but oil companies should also see it is in their interest to recover any oil that is spilled, as well as it is in their interest not (to have) to pay up for clean up costs and compensations for damages, hence it is the duty of the government to force people to create full and not naked facilities for the manufacture of such products, to force people to standardise the environment in their affairs, which will also cause them to operate efficiently and more secure from recession, as well as operate in market conditions too, which is what a business needs more than anything else.

I do not put it forward as suggestions for the government because of reasons of corruption: take for example housing; a 60 home estate developer will understand it is one thing to be an estate agent and quite another to be a property developer and an entirely different thing to develop a housing Estate. A Housing Estate is supposed to be the latest stuff, state of the art because communities will emerge and the duties will not fall to the local council or if the local council has some duties, duties will not fall to the local council alone. So it is always better to go ahead and deal with any foreseen issues. What they do instead is get involved with the government who will give them a low cost for building 60 homes of their own, that people can rent or buy to make them rich and then give it alternative names such as "affordable housing" and leave all the work for the council to be paid for by those who make use of the homes and it is not acceptable anymore for reasons of environmental matters.

As for the media and the idea that I plug myself into their business, the real problem is that whenever they see things on my websites they pick them up and report them to make their ratings and get rich and so they never respect the fact that due to difficult work I have to do on matters of equity brokering, a typical example of which is that underneath all my environmental equities are the fact that I am using my connections with the environment to get linked to culture, in order to protect very important things from idiots looking for cultural power to get rich with and are always sacrificing something to do so. When they vandalise my business to report their news, they never do about other difficult work; such as the fact for example that when you broke equities with a mining company in the US it is easy in most states but there are die hard states where it is impossible and all your work will be undone. They never report anything about the fact rich countries are known for polluting the world but no body says anything about the poorer ones that have habits they kill other human beings to protect, which involves destruction of the Natural environment. All they know is celebrity culture and get rich games with my business and really love to play with my nerves and my book sales; how to see things on my site, then pick and report them to get rich and make even more money by claiming I plug myself unto and interfere with their shows, in order to gain the right to vandalise anything I do to recover from such damages and it will go on like that until they have enough money for their hearts content and will never stop until it physically gets better in some way.

Naturally I always get told companies are operating at market conditions and that I am a fantasist but I have no idea what they mean market conditions when in the case of multi billion pound oil companies, their pipelines run naked on the Natural environment with guaranteed consequences. Every market condition has a certain elasticity and if people have a perfect elasticity, it should be measured against the size and quantity of social issues lodged against them. For example if I own a company which supplies bread to 20, 000 families for tea every morning, everybody knows I am the bread supplier and I have perfect monopoly. What is expected of me is bread supplies and people will pay the price I set for them, so I have a perfect elasticity. However when I fail to supply bread to 20,000 people, it means I should be spending more of my income to employ people to help me get the job done because of the nature of my 'market equity contract' and this cost should never pass to the consumer, except I want some competition to occur. Besides which is the risk of leaving things to the imagination if I do not employ people as soon as I spot signs I am falling behind. These businesses should not be pocketing efficiency and better management monies because it causes them to cease to be businesses, to shut down when there is no demand and find investment money to continue when there is-they obliterate economic cycle when they do and they do it because they have bodies which regulate their behaviour within the National and International spectrum, which are not playing by market rules and this needs to stop without any of the cost being passed onto consumers.