Prime Ministers choices of new year honours is not supposed to be a matter which concerns me but if it is, then the question is that of whether I am Mr Cameron and no body has ever put me in my place before is something that is his real character or something he thought he could do to me once he gets involved with Politics? Bearing in mind he is already hounding and hunting me with plans to look after me and control me and all I own in the interest of the Nation and this means he and his friends are in place to make me the person people hurt whenever they want to get rich. The question of whether it is his character or something he put up because he got involved in politics answering the question for him or whether he thinks this is the me v Blair issue where I returned to the UK as an adult, with no body to depend on, to live with a parent that betrayed me so they can create their coward perceptions of people they defeat by holding me down until they do in order to have cultural power over me? For me it will answer the question of why he would want to earn millions when his style of earning money is about hurting people, bearing in mind if that is the case, I should not be the only person he gets to hurt-thus if he earns millions from it, the desire to hurt people to get rich and important will vanish, which is the same for everybody else.