Of course the question comes up all the time on Media about how I make percentage calculations on the impact of undeveloped social interest demands on business and the economy. The point being that no matter how educated they are, it is always still completely difficult to work out that a Business in its infancy always gets its assets and liabilities split equally. So whatever resources there are will always produce a 50% split on both sides. When these fools go after the money which is always the assets, then when they destroy that the purpose of which is to have power over you, then it is clear you must dip into liabilities to survive otherwise, you must settle for being mocked and abused and made sub human before you are allowed to exist. The result is that when all that exists within liabilities have been gathered, that will be regarded as a new 100% but in actual fact from origin the betrayal of democracy while being democratic at the same time as it were is actually only 50% and so what we have is not a 50% to 50% split between assets and liabilities but 25% to 25% split and then when you have to fight for anything bearing in mind the Politicians are the public example of the fact it is never enough, even when they have the latest Iphones and laptops and designer cloths, then that will take up another 10% which is 5% from either side. Result is that of running a business with 20% on assets and 20% on liabilities, which means you have lots of money and property put away for private enjoyment while you put out scraps for business, which in actual fact do not exist at all, hence means you have become half-half the one that comes up with things for others to take because they fight for interests-which in any case by the way have no basis or even meaning.