It is largely all about insulting people and I really do wish some Politicians understand exactly how difficult it is to deal with corporate greed and social greed and cultural greed is and how damaging the consequences of not doing so is, that they stop giving them money, especially tax payer money to have victories of their insults with. I have never seen it create any stupid power, all it does is create a lot of stupidity and also does cause disillusionment not any stupid power.

So let us begin with Oil spillages: The prognosis of which is that if you carry a certain substance via route of a certain area the probability of spilling it from time to time is 100%. It applies that there are two solutions to this, One is that we move the Planet away from dependency on Fossil fuels, which will also require stupid trouble makers to show some decorum towards those that are trying to get things done to make it easier for them and the other is simply making sure that although we extract fossil fuels from the Natural environment we have to create our own artificial environment in which these fuels can be handled and transported until they are safe for the Natural environment, otherwise else there is no excuse for damaging the environment with the use of a business. Unless he handling and transportation of these toxic materials are handled in this way then the probability of damaging the environment with them is still 100% and it is a disgrace, no excuse for it.

I am not suggesting the Politicians are doing very well, those always have a means of seeing that we are all working together to ensure the modern world develops along the lines of respect and protection for the Natural environment and therefore doing as much as we can to help industries control costs among perhaps other issues they may need assurances with, hence main focus of leadership on the matter is helping businesses manage time and costs but get off and sign off contracts for Multi billion pound Oil drilling projects to encourage and reward industry competition at such times (instead of measures such as the standardisation of the oil industry for example making sure rigs are complete underwater or land facilities for oil production not a platform on stilts, most of which do not even have a roof on them and that pipe lines run within an aluminium or steel casing in which maintenance and recycling etc instead of environmental clean-ups can take place during accidental spills and other mishaps but for me personally they do because they know the expense of going round the bend will be taken out of my earnings and therefore when finished, pretend they want my job in the form of some kind of competition I think I do not deserve because I do not share power which is share income more like, to see happen to me because they are aware they should not be going behind my back to make deals with or decisions in businesses which have mutual co-operation arrangements and various other systems they share with me), claiming the purpose is to do something about a dire need for Jobs, when we all know these will be very highly paid jobs given to people who already have cash to spare.

These Enterprises Businesses and Bodies know that we know and also know that we know they know, that they are pocketing a lot of money they should plough back into efficiency and better management and so it must always be clear that if these costs will be passed onto the consumers when they are made to, they and bodies which represent them Locally and Globally will be operating at market conditions too.