I am not on any occasion talking about defending myself things, as I do not work for the media in the first instance. With respect to that, I can always put environmental issues into overdrive and the biggest losers sacrificed will be 'them' and their American friends (bearing in mind the global economy will never exist until they have people they can sacrifice in order to deter people from vandalism while they fund and encourage it to keep up their powers and despite being older than everybody and everything, never provide leadership over anything like the way the Iraq war turned out and of course the latest being the recession which began since 2007). The issue here is that of that their secrete societies and soul travel desire to be able to kill people without physically touching them rubbish that media idiots like to use to harass people to get rich. I do not have a problem with it because the Politicians will never be free of me to the point where they even look like they can take decisions to make me stop defending myself so I can leave for them things they have already taken and is in their possession. I do not care how much this affects democracy either, democracy is not essentially my strong points, especially as I did not as them to get off and give me civil rights so that idiots that have always been known to crucify and murder Christians can get off getting their desires without having to kill me because they use Government property to ensure they keep up with me and my earnings all the time and then expect me to just walk away from it.

They claim not to believe in God but these intrusions so that they can destroy people and tell the world there is nothing more stupid than claims there is a God could only have been possible if they believe they do not believe and therefore still believe anyway. So what does it mean? I will always love to start my environmental campaigns and equity brokerage from places like China and Thailand and would particularly love to at the South Americas, in case they want a full update.