It is never my opinion that the government is doing enough on the environment unlike it is said; I mean everybody except the government knows that engineers are cheaper than oil rigs for example and therefore renewable sources will always be cheaper and cleaner than fosil fuels. What they should be doing at present as the case is in the UK is make it clear that prospecting for shale gas in the UK is a temporary arrangement by the government to solve a serious energy crisis and not a blossoming industry that will last for good – this is a more realistic approach that would allow attention to be focused on more important aspects of energy generation. After all they were the ones that started this whole game of pushing boundaries where idiots can simply turn out  to tell them somebody in a Council estate is stealing their style at Government office which will then cause them to come down from it to personally do something about the person and recover their fame, so that if I were to say they must consider that criminals had put votes in ballot boxes if the Police had not reached them yet and that they would have expected something and this sort of behaviour can lead to no good end, they will claim I am one of those who thinks MPs should go off and do a job and have nothing to do with actually leading people – this has in turn created a process where they are obsessed with making sure people do not sit down somewhere to write books about them for example and make a lot of money at their expense simply because they will not get a share of it and some might find it funny as well and so they have been copied by their friends in the Industries as well who basically plan the recovery to work along with their greed based on what they now know about the personal lives of the population – so this process of making it clear shale gas was not a permanent means of solving UK energy problems should have been able to strike a balance between their activities at government and the quality of life of the population being wrecked and then restored through a means that they were not born into this world with, otherwise accept people will oppose and fight them to the very end over the matter. I mean the nature of the issues are such that this whole process of checking people out to ensure they did not sit on a council estate to write something about them that they did not like without a thought for what legal and human rights consequences there will be for it started off with the most democratic party ever to set foot in parliament and grace it with their presence i.e. Labour, so we know what to expect from the rest as well at this point but my point is that I am not the best example of the realities since I am here on account they checked my personal life to ensure I was not writing anything about them and found that I wasn’t only to tell their idiots they could do with me as they pleased and more so regularly in public places with every progress I made. The point of course is that they are not professional Politicians and tend to have this idea that whenever things go wrong nobody is responsible which is not actually true; greed is not a phenomenon or a novelty, it is an activity that is present with us at all times and the practice of it has certain crucial items – one of those is the need to ensure people never make money unless they are hurting others who do not therefore hurt them back, the other is to ensure society and culture is completely destroyed and the third is to ensure that somebody is killed to pacify society and culture and make it feel that vengeance has been accomplished – so it is not a random activity and simply going off to sound a gong about the vast amounts of shale gas in UK lands is not good enough – does not make a complete job. Most of these things to drive home the extent to which these matters apply, should not be a problem if two things are happening i.e. the first being when I am too lazy to deal with those who hurt me and the second is the treachery and vandalism of civil rights idiots not happening. Last time we checked we saw them jet off to Russians waters to set off these stories about how they are the same as Russians and do not like people to do things which lead to a result where others laugh at them but in the end finished off their stories by a violent green peace protest on boats and a story of how a certain me that causes Russians to be laughed at should be handled and taken out and it led to this mass to issues that the Russians had to handle which eventually settled on the fact they had harmed some boats and will be in prison for a while for it – when they had returned their story had changed already and every news opportunity was spent talking nonsense about doing my stuff in one way or the other.  I already know therefore what civil rights idiots will be doing and do not get surprised by it – however this matter of greed and those who work it having an inability to stave off handling my book sales and my earnings and my literary empire is something else and something is coming for it too.

Now they do claim I complain so about MPs checking people out to ensure they are not writing books about them to make money but at the same time allow and quite enjoy a process where Media can undercut MPs at will and do whatever they like. The reality of course is as I said, what happens is that they check me out and find out I am not writing anything about them, then tell their idiots they can do whatever they like with me. I have never actually seen them resist those idiots of theirs for more than twice; its always a request if they can and a response from an MP who wants to keep a good reputation and win elections and then a demagogue and then their acceptance and approval – so when they complain I cannot get my head around the complains anyway. Then of course the excuse moves onto claims that I set off those stories for the journalists to allow a pot of controversy about MPs that just cannot stop giving; whereas they are the ones that set off those controversies by turning up to wreck my personal life checking me out to ensure I don’t write books about them, finding out I am not and then telling me to do something about the journalists that will have picked up on the story because whatever I did about it when there is nothing I can do about it would make no sense and the very idea of being able to tell me to do something about it will offer a violent disposition of power that cannot stop giving. So they are temperamentally very unstable goons with an ego the size of this world and need to get off my book sales, stop holding me at the benefits to play games that Labour does and then the Conservatives after and then the Liberals wait to play as well, only to tell tales of how it is only the Monarchy that may rule Parliament which ensures this case they do not feel sorry for just keeps giving. I mean how many times do they ask those who would have no job or lifestyle if the Nation reverted back to absolute Monarchy anyway, how many times do they ask such people what they think about those stupid things they do, what do they mean by beating up a boy? I am only taking away from them any security they have so if they touch me I can kill them as well, so why wouldn’t it stop, I have given a decade of my time and it only gets worse and is never enough.

Then they claim I leave myself a plaything for the media who then manipulate me and wreck my relations with the Monarchy; utter rubbish of course since what happens is that when people know that a Christian does not like homosexuals and alternative lifestyle people, then if they must they will spend tax payer funds on them to help them dominate such a Christian and spend tax payer funds wrecking the life of such a Christian to make it operable. I do not do what I do about it because I actually care, I do so in order to keep the matters out of the hands of extremists and yes they like to boast I do the extremists because I am scared of something and that is all they wish to see. The reality of course is that with alternative lifestyle people doing whatever they like with my finances at their whim the chances of being scared of anything is very thin. The reality therefore must rather be that of such things as claims my books offend people and those people try to ensure it is never sold – which is utter nonsense because I built a literary empire and their business and Industry idiots feel it is the stepping stone literarily for the next stage of their greed programmes while civil rights idiots feel that is their opportunity to cease being a loser and now we hear them speak of a showdown all the time which I am bound to let them speak of until it makes sense as well –hence what I do in that empire which is none of their business becomes the books they feel must never get sold; I don’t mind either since I have made it clear that they will face no problems from me as long as I don’t have to be dragged out of my half monastery office to deal with the stupidities they come up with because they are a collection of twisted evil instable people with a delusion to live up to. What happens while they complains is that they fund the activities these goons want, fund their whims, so that I get it when an idiot got the news where he had to go outside to report and not indoors where it is warm or I get it on account somebody had a bad day etc – so that when I do mention they need to get off my book sales and stop keeping me on benefits to play games they pretend I have no idea what I am talking about. These activities therefore continue and I must co-operate with their needs – they know what would have been better done if they had what I own and for that reason they will find a way to make me use it for that purpose or take it away from me and do so etc and it continues while the Politicians claim they don’t know why stories pick up their feet and go where they like creating controversy and problems for them that cannot stop giving for the media; This is the central issue the rest is a process where they will have no alternative lifestyle and no homosexuality and no clubbing and all those deviance as long as it continues to have something to do with me as long as it continues to provide pleasure that involves dragging me out of my office to do something about their stupidities, for I have not got a clue what connection there is between saying a prayer to God in my bedroom and the idea somebody else is homosexual but I do know their community croons work wickedness of a degree that cannot stop giving to this effect and I do know they are attention seeking dodgy twisted scum who like to take advantage of others to get rich and famous and need to keep their civil rights nonsense out of my life and off my television.

So the question they enjoy so much is that of what I suppose makes civil rights goons do these things and the answer is of course that while others are doing great things for people goons like me are getting the attention and they feel provoked by that; the reality of course is that each occasion where they handle my books will always lead to a result where they had taken it up and done it the way I wanted it, the way it should have been done one way or another, done  my way. They always say they have those plans where I will never make a head way with my livelihood of course – the reality is rather that nobody likes government operatives spending time on scum that are the downsides of their version of fame, hence they cannot live up to any such boast in anyway whatsoever, nobody likes anything of value being spent on goons that are the downsides of their version of fame and any who does is provoking them to do something bad and they can tell me if I am wrong or not or if they like talk even more rubbish about how what I say has the same affect, which will take us right back to where we have already been a long time ago i.e. this is not their lives.

They say it has always happened in the past but I want them to make an exception as I have had enough of them around here too; when I preach the gospel I preach my version – when I build a church I build my own Church – I use the gospel of Christ to preach prosperity and tell you tales about what God thinks about my actions which hurt you each time I am deploying your heart which should exist in the service of God by causing you distressing offering myself like a whor to idiots in Politics and the civil service to talk nonsense about what a boy does not know and will grow into but wishes to wreck other peoples lives in the process etc etc – lay a pipeline under my company and cut out whole communities to whom selling products and getting rich is possible – handle my products to that effect without my permission to achieve a process of winding me and build communities that hold together popular culture empires, wrecking my finances completely along the lines of the premise that there is so little respect for me that people can distribute my products at will and do whatever they like with it too; they are still playing games you see, my warnings are not making any sense. The part where I have been manipulated by MPs into dealing with these things of which does not apply; Politicians are largely a collection of twisted attention seeking and deluded bastards who tell lies all the time  – my Mother is evil and selfish and it is beyond this world and she is my mother anyway which is something I say as a matter of cutesy as we are living out a condition where people disown their children and do not tell their children so that they can have somebody on whom they can do and undo whatever they please. It is clear her visa must have expired by now unless a certain Tony Blair did renew it for her in order to have another evil soul like his to play love birds with. So when it really comes down to it the big issue is whether I regret anything I have done but I have no regretted any such thing; I mean when did respect for me and what I do for a living get replaced by the big boys and the big girls with financial teasing; I mean I understand it happens because they have an ego the size of this world and that their greed is immeasurable but we are talking about my own life and my own personal finances here – so I don’t regret anything; some misguided scumbag must have told them they are famous. In the end all of these goons are evil cultural things I take advantage of to make a career that is based on reputation and when people fund their demands they should do so with realisation this is my life and not their own and try not to pretend that I will not be provoked. No government office should be spent paying attention to them as it were; we already have to deal with a process where it is about a corruption of showbiz; where celebrities make shows of the good things happening around them and the world around them and some of the problems associated with that and they find ways of carving out money from people’s property to make their own shows as well but finish off with how the good things were about them and the problems were the ones they solved – so it is the same old story of an inability to live in a normal country and things that can only satisfy territory if you shoot them and dismember them and spread their parts around the various corners of the Country.

A favourite story being that I set myself up as somebody that rich people can take advantage of to make money of course whereas the truth about junior board member of shareholder trouble maker with his media and civil rights idiots and this bad sales day thing with Politics to play and popular culture music CDs to trade off have not diminished in the slightest, what we hear rather is that my Company is hear say. Its much like those stories I create problems for myself because I never work with those that work with me whereas we all know the truth to be a matter of thank you very much for the worst possible day I have given you at the market place over your products and the sales and it will happen again tomorrow because I want to be rich and famous and I need to be it is important that I am, important that I sell lots of music CDs until I can sell no more doing that every day – so it seems their point is largely that if I behave in a way that lets them do such things they will lessen the effects if satisfied I have behaved well enough with that big mouth. I do not think it a major issue either, I simply have done the part of allowing them do it for too long and now we are at the stage where everybody knows and can see it is not part of their democracy which means I can now do something about it and I will start targeting the famous ones by name over the destruction of my property in order to get on top of things; even if I did allow it, they have been here too long doing their lucrative deviance and I always guess they are because they can do and undo and this is what must be put to the test, the more famous the better. Its like they say my problem with homosexuals is largely about the Bible which is not exactly true since the truth is rather that if we take a look at the media presently they believe they still live in the 1990s where their power and ability to conduct corruptions of involvement was limitless and so the idea you can have a community to get around with does not exist if they feel they want to cash into it or even sell it at will and this is never the provocation regardless of the financial destruction, that they table up every time they complain and yes they can call it power all they want as long as they are not sharing my allies and my connections with me, otherwise which we will find out yet again – I don’t mind the abuse of privacy, those always happen when they want to tell me what their most recent craze really is; I mean the general idea was meant to have been that I am stupid as it were so that when they abuse my privacy they tell me there is nothing I can do about it because they know if they abuse it as per me alone they will get into a heap of trouble, so they do it as per something they can apply on the general public and believe when I mention nothing about it they are finished and done. So as it stands what happens is that I kick them seriously at the homosexual and kick them seriously at the society and now I can take a look at myself and determine what sorts of vanities are due as well; I mean its like the old case of wrecking my work and having more money in the bank than I do but they are still taking it out of me over wealth distribution, one of those things that indicate some people have no right to exist with a big mouth. An example of their provocation is the South Americas for example where the government have been building new and keeping old monuments as a result of the fact their people have taken me into their hearts and that offers them some kind of a different way of running government and doing things but I have no idea when I got disillusioned about that on account they want the entire world and I have no idea when I got detached from those people etc  or indeed where the big ass pornography thing will come to limit – this is one example, there are very many of them. All I am saying is that they need stay off my book sales and never share my allies and friends and connections with me if they do not wish to deal with more trouble, get off my book sales and never make me get out of my half priest office to deal with any nonsense they come up with. For now they are not having a society and a culture either.

The part about having my work taken up by politicians or my leadership subverted by them is something some people always think is a worthy thing to spend time on. The reality of course being that nothing actually works in that way – the way it does work is that people hate Politicians and they hate businesses and do not approve of a condition where I share any leadership with anybody – it in fact the idea I am the world’s biggest sharer that has created me the cash flow crisis I have to deal with today because it completely stifles my book sales. I mean I do not think it a major crisis anyway since I have allowed it to happen for experimental reasons i.e. if I were to stifle my book sales by being the world’s biggest sharer will other people be good and kind enough to take up what I have failed to do and get them done; the answer has come through as of course not which is why we are where we are today. There is the part where I am accused of sharing with some and then not sharing with others so I can chose wealth and abdicate responsibility where possible but there is actually no such thing; the reality is simply that it is not unusual for a multimillionaire to reward you in some way when he or she has conducted a deployment of your work or property – I mean even stock market traders do it, when they deploy my work and or equity property they start to pave this way for me to become a stock broker myself – the strength of feelings and sentiments about it is that strong and these are the Equities that I own and work with having deployed my own property to transform them into real assets. The insecurity issue of mentioning these matters is none existent contrary to popular claims; the reality is that pornography for example is something that happens as far as I am concerned within a condition where I feel the kids are having sex and so I do not watch it for pleasure if I do because watching it in such ways would mean I have trouble settling what I feel and what I have failed to do as a human being – hence sometimes people want to play with my children all over the world if I may use that phrase, sometimes they feel like hurting them, sometimes they get to hurt them, other times they don’t but the ever present insecurity is always there. Leading us to the other matter of how whenever people want to copy my work I am always up in arms but then again speak of the bad effects of protectionism and the benefits of competition – this is not a matter of competition, it is a matter of security; I have written my books for example and am currently known for being the worlds biggest sharer and this means I cannot get them sold and am fed up with Politicians creating that idea but it gets worse because I have also been given fame for writing the books even though I have not at all sold them and this means that people can create a fan base for me for books I have not sold and then cash into that fan base, resulting in a condition where people can always get off to distribute my products for me at any condition they intend and for any price they determine and at any time and for any reason before I had even gotten to serve my customers all together: - it is another of the 21st century inventions that Politics has come up with and each time I mention something about how bad it is and the kinds of things that it can set off, they become a lot more interested in talking about me as a person who wants Politicians to get into offices and do administrative work, having nothing to do with actual leadership, hence there is never really any point since any point made at the facts and figures themselves are always totally irrelevant.