Recent developments on climate and environment matters has naturally become some greed fuelled destruction, which has indicated the kind of crowd that has been attracted and the kind of Publicity that has been growing around Animal welfare and wild life conservation which are the two areas suffering the most. In the end it is the same sort of vandalism that expects others to work towards alleviating the sufferings of poorer people in the world, at the discretion and convenience of idiots with Media, hence none of it could have been unusual but there is always a way of running business and competing with them without running back and forth between their insanity and the fame and fortune Celebrity madness that allows them make contact on media with the public image of anybody their please to perforate peoples successes and allow their industry idiots to make money on the day on one hand while on the other chasing global poverty. This prognosis may not seem to have much to do with animal welfare to some but we all have to be aware that people who attack and abuse Wild life do it because there are others they mock and the reality on the ground is that such behaviour is very unlikely to change despite its destructive outcomes unless those who provide leadership for it are prevented from providing any other fame grabbing form of leadership while it is being stifle; with one and only one singular exception to make, which is their Politicians.

We heard today 26/9/2016 that the French Government wishes to close down what it describes as the Calais Jungle and move Migrants to processing centres across the Country. An example of how little the Politicians who support the destruction of wild life and will not cease to facilitate a Politics of paedophilia that predates on young people know and understand of the Migration issue. The reality about it of which is that if somebody is fleeing conflict and has some 20 odd pieces of Cow skin that is what is left of his ranch and has been trading with that and living off the Money while making what has now become a 15 year journey on foot to find a better and more peaceful existence, moving people to processing centres across France is never going to solve a single problem; I mean we all know that once they settle in and decide to start writing stories about their days as Migrants and it becomes literary pieces that is used by Children schools and they become all rich and famous even the French Government will start to have a problem with that too. It has always been the old story of trying not to change people too much or build up the Natural environment into project developments and super cities too much – instead of liking them when they become all gay and homosexual because it is Political photo opportunity gay rights and so on but closing down Calais any slight opportunity that is offered but then again we must have gotten used to this case of irresponsible France that holds a UN security council position but does not wish to pay a great deal of attention to a large portion of its leadership role and responsibilities all together. They say I am quick to point out the problem of the Politicians but not what I have done to ensure they are always making these mistakes but of course everybody else knows that it has gone beyond the need to be less important than a Royal Prince Today and then becoming more important than he is tomorrow, which has no respect for my own human rights and will be done through processes of dismissing me with insults, handling my finances and building themselves a Media presence, which is quite tolerable and expected as their villainy is nothing new but that their girls and fashion idiots and celebrities will do nothing else save barricading me indoors by using my Public image to make themselves wealthy and comfortable is a matter that needs to be resolved or I will the way I know how for my part as well; unless it is Publicity they wish to award an Arch Prince or an interest in buying a Book he wrote, these fools really have no business with me whatsoever and it is high time that they understood that in no uncertain terms, stop exhibiting their stupidities all over and blocking off my Mobility to pop stupid questions at me on a daily basis that rubs salt into injury talking nonsense about which of their problems is my fault and showing they believe a 100% that there is no possibility I might either get tired of it or wish to tolerate it no further because they have a counter action in the readiness with that big mouth.