There is now this story we hear them say of how I am an example of a social experiment aimed at showing Pigs can fly and I could never make sense of what warrants such comments anyway, I am aware however that there is no pigs can fly experiment around here, only a matter of never being able to carry on with my own career or even step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate on account of the very violent lasciviousness peddled by Celebrity and Popular culture goons who are determined to make their money on it – it is an example of how the Pigs can Fly story may be very provocative. What the Politicians have always promised is that they may handle peoples career to make popular culture but in the course of making the money they go their way and let people be, what we have is a new type of Celebrity culture which means people convince the public I am being oppressed by famous people which encourages the Public to buy their show business products and nobody knows exactly why they do it, what we know is that they wrecks the academic work for me which is why they are always complaining about me too and set to continue until that is fixed, due to the fact the outcome is the delusion I can pursue my career without completing what I had already started thereof, leading to a wild goose chase for years and years and then another process where an involvement with an academic institution means they tended to follow around yet again. It should be noted that the biggest problem we face is the fact they have Politicians that go into Government buildings to spend tax payer funds on these gimmicks they enjoy so much and it is the reason I am going to live up to my threats of burning their world as well, once I had started chasing a path that means their Politicians spend tax payer funds on them until their behaviour leads to an outcome that leaves their neighbourhoods burning. It sounds extreme but we all know that Celebrities do not need to leave you with a wrecked career chasing circles in the hope you can get it fixed on the go with this new show business that means they claim they are able to oppress important people in return for selling show business products to the Public, only to show up around every act of recovery to perform the same behaviour, claiming it is the instance that brought them fame and success being repeated which needs to be taken advantage of – when this works together with the fact the Labour Party cannot do without being able to do bad things and then blaming others or claiming others did it, which is the biggest problem we have got as a Nation presently, it becomes a very difficult threat indeed. I have no idea what they mean by an experiment that makes out pigs may fly in my case too, I know most of these nonsense happens because 12 years of Celebrity vandalism here has not yet earned a response, so it continues to get bolder and bolder, continues to behave as if there is no way of putting a stop to it, such as tackling what their Banks and financial services are doing for them in order to ensure they stayed away from my Bookshop, for example. So I do get told I am complicated and one moment I like Celebrities while the next I don’t which is not really the case – Celebrities are good for making populations happy people and that is to be seen in terms of the fact it cannot be said that they will operate well in an environment where everybody needs to be a serious minded person and yes they always claim that I have moved away from a premise of peace and everything I do now is about war which is utter nonsense – the war is created by their need to do perverted things to people in such a way that people cannot grow out of it, like following up careers that they have damaged to do bad things and claim somebody else did it on grounds that having damaged those careers to make money, it happens to have been a condition that created them success which needs to be repeated every time they are in need and we have never actually gotten an explanation for this behaviour. I do get told as well that I hate them then which is never really a matter of hate; I hate the damage that they do here but I don’t hate them, I hate the fact that it has become so difficult to decide the purpose of Celebrity is fun that I can use and discard when I no longer want to have fun, I will never deny this either – the dangers of not having this view of Celebrities when operating at Government business is that a person loses sight of the fact they spend all their time thinking about grabbing people’s money to add to their own money and have all the money in the world if possible and that in that sense they are not very different from criminals. As for the idea that they are not completely detached from Public work; that will be a matter of the fact that when people are engaged in National service a vacuum exists which can only be best filled by Celebrities, the problem being another group of goons who secure money from Industry trouble makers to buy equipment and venues through which they take money from other people’s Public image, every time they get involved with my concerns which is always 100% uninvited, the reality of the situation is a disrespect towards everybody, from Politicians to Celebrities and Public service or National service Operatives and it does need to give me my space; the blabbing is that they have the upper hand, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that they are always bound to set about wrecking people’s lives to use their victims as human shields against other persons they hurt in a bid to get rich quickly and I am becoming very fed up with the insulting and provocative processes that make me look like I am on course to become a character that shows mercy until it is a Habit while they did whatever they wished. They have claimed that I am not necessarily on favour of freedom Naturally but apparently they think freedom means their Politicians like Obama, adding to the Labour Party which spends tax payer funds on their madness by endorsing everything they want to do to savage my earnings because I am not a believer in the leadership or black people who are more worthy than I am; the good old populist leaders who never stop building up images of somebody being on fire while their goons never stop building mental pictures for the reasons people kill people, telling me I am a war monger. In my case personally, my singular problem is one that is contrary to the claims I am losing friends or that I have an attitude problem – for the latter attitude means a behaviour which considers celebrity to be fun I can get rid of when I don’t want to have any more because of their need to grab peoples family finance bases and strewn it around to please a crowds that will buy show business products, the former however is a matter of the friends that get involved with my concerns while they are in control according to them and are not Loyal to me, a behaviour that happens so often and to rampantly that State provided security gets involved and every body’s bottom is sore, then I get attacked some more; the behaviour which was a very small thing they could easily stop doing. The story of me as a social experiment and or how it’s a matter of making Pigs fly, is an example of evidence that they have a real problem and it could be medical. I am never likely to take the path of making them show some regard for my profession as such, the problem is the Labour Party doing very bad things while securing a Media where they can make out somebody else did those things and spending tax payer funds on their acts of lunacy for it – it is the source of the funding, the source of the problem.

The claim I disturb their neighbourhoods is still just as disingenuous; what really happens is that they have seen a separation between the real me and the complicated things I have to do with a  lifestyle to get my concerns overseen and whilst they want the real me because it is privileged and unusual, the abuses are never diminished as a method of getting it, their own stupid ideas about whom they were superior to,  are worried about the difficult aspects which permeate it all, so these abuses and insults are meant to make me cooperate. We see the same behaviour with the Celebrities as well, something of the lifestyle they have chosen, setting the stage for targeting others as scapegoats once the difficult aspects of the lifestyle begin to bite. Eventually the theory that I am in trouble with a society and cannot get out of it while the real problem is that I must deal with an anxiety level every day because it never stops making use of what it sees of my abilities abusively and needs to invent a problem, a crowd and a public place flattery that helps to promote crowd mocking which allows people to control me with a big mouth, irrespective of how much suffering I inflict on them for the previous occasions talking nonsense about a war the entire time, inserting their stupidities into my life and career. So in effect it’s the same dot com Millionaire mentality that constitutes marketing for idiots which makes my life toxic on social media all the time, something permitted for a group of very stupid individuals that become convinced their problems allow them to invent any foolish thing they wanted, insert it into people’s lives and how up at the other end being rich, the only reason it so happens that tackling them is ineffective being that people are not reading my Books for the involvement with my concerns that happens so obsessively every day and the sole reason people are not reading my Books is because the politicians are giving the approval for such behaviour. They do like to say it’s a big problem for me but it is not in any way whatsoever – a fight with Politicians is usually the answer for all problems because one is still a civil rights victim even if I were at fault and these stupidities have not yet resulted in an outcome that means developing a work ethic that leaves them complaining all the time in a bid to tackle it well, hence the obsessive fun with it at my expense that their stupidities believe adds up to the acquisition of power – nothing unusual either, since it was rather clear when people fancy insanity, they can support or help politicians out with problems that are created at Government Office to try and make money by abusing people. I do get told my behaviour only means I will be getting into more trouble and its utter rubbish; we can clearly see how the business of starting a fight unnecessarily and over things like who should own my personality for instance, then making a case out of Royal privileges and other provisions is an example of the blackmail that makes people breathless which facilitates support for those who want powerful society for abusing people instead of working for money, while their big mouth claims at Government buildings that I am responsible for their hurting bottoms – it’s like when they say I have no social value while it was clear they had a fair sense of what evil looks like, which is why they deploy government buildings to set out people who will play with my Books and income every day, to ensure the problems I resolved to write my Books became the problems that the general public faced every day, then complain about the fact people want them to kill at Government buildings and there is a Third World War looming for it too. First time I had feelings on the matter, I got society trouble makers learning how their jobs work to follow them around the same way people have gained access to me and they have not resolved this yet - we are going to enter a phase where their need to get into their Office and Build a crowd of insulting twats that want to play with my Books was my main work ethic at this Office. I am still waiting, I will continue to get out of bed every day to see yet if they have stopped getting into Office only after they have encouraged a group of idiots to show up and fool around with my income and Book shop, in an understanding of the sort of stupidities I have to put up with at Industry, where they got to tell me if I started a fight to defend myself I will be finished before 1% of their wealth was dented unnecessarily, like it is we can see people fool around with when they know where my Books are located and think it is something valuable to me that they can gain fun leverage gimmicks by, it does appear the matter will end the way that they want it.

They do claim I have not got a chance and its utter nonsense; they are having a hard time the way they make one for me – the parents are having a hard time and are giving the Children a hard time, then the other issues such as when Mr Cameron Hiked school fees, such that giving their Children a hard time has never made more sense. When they boast that I do not have the upper hand it is an example of what we are talking about here i.e. its invited itself into my Hermitage to copy the way I handle matters of social and cultural evil and has developed its own version of giving people hard time to secure conveniences and riches, leaving me inundated with gangs, criminals, hoodlums and the utter misery that allows its stupidities to dispatch idiots that cause my state of mind to be the primary reason I am not selling Books at my Shop every day. We are all adults, we know that we can reach people we care about without physical touch and that such things can be exploited too, I am not married to their stupidities and I am still curious as to how much trouble they think I am likely to get into if I pushed back, it does need to stop threatening me and I will be getting out of bed every day to see whether sending people out to make a mess of my Book sales have yet stopped as it were. So, all matters had been resolved, the problem we have here is that the Books are not being picked up by the Public, this place needs to be quiet and more so considering the circumstances.

I have been told it’s the manner in which I end the facts when I discuss this matters that is of main concern but it isn’t, the Public does not elect people to dominate me and if they did I would have been aware of such a threat, what they spend their time on and make excuses for Government work that is neglected was not the job they were elected to do and certainly were not elected to handle anything around here. Any person who has spent six years preaching against practical jokes set out to allow Politicians dispatch some local hoodlums and idiots to fool around with his earnings, leaving him with nauseating financial complications every day, then tell lies about it to continue and blame him for it will have a state of mind which is similar to mine, especially when it has begun to develop into something of a claim to my Public image and complementing threats thereof – it goes all the way back to 2001, during which time the main issue was that I had picked up a personality which those who make laws that affect the lives of criminals should own, in 2019 we are talking about the Bookshop being quiet enough for people to read Books – so it is exactly the same thing, except that it’s my finances paying the price for it the entire time, exactly the same thing from 18 years ago to be precise. We even hear them speak of the provocative things that Royal security has done but we know their Offices are not used in such ways and that all I need worry about here is a Hermitage and perhaps where Celebrities had gotten involved, the Celebrities who get involved to tell me they are out of my league, can do whatever they liked and are not loyal to me because they are, got kept out but we can see it is not the only thing that I am doing here.

I. Uno I

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