So there is this talk of me starting a fight with the global community of Industry fat cats which of course is not really a fight as much as it is a process of making them work for their money and keep off mine; we all know the way it has worked in my case is that even if I did go through hell to get it all done, past the claims on Media that I sleep with peoples wives, past the claims on Media that I get about people’s companies to extract an income where their families should be earning some pocket money by being supportive, past the claim that I steal socialist mistresses fame, past every claim down to the insults of the students at University – when all has cleared there will be one scum with a statement about how I never do anything with what is my own identity and culture and the abusive test and loss is about to start all over again while he bottom feeds and issues stupid threats that show he is not crippled or something and can work for his own. When this whole thing began years ago after I dropped out of University because this was the routine they were all obsessed with causing my tummy to do strange things the whole time, which meant I had something to blame myself for and the bullying got increasingly worse – they told me each time I told them off ripping up my Empire, that their money will not run out should I had started a fight, now it seems that even the Politicians are unable to help while the easiest way out was the one where they had stopped doing it. I do not think it a crisis, it’s just reality that sitting with 8 persons of which 5 are Banking Managers and 3 are Fat cats, to come up with an economic Policy for the future is almost an impossible task because all fat cats know is sitting how a large lounge fire throwing some cash into the air and having sex with girls and so when you have taken up a decade to come up with an economic Policy, you do feel as though when discussions are ongoing they need keep their mouths shut – I have not had a Holiday in 12 years and am really stressed and temperamental, I really hope that they understand this too, since all they really can do is damage people’s property while seeking self-preservation – hence when I tell them off, I should know their money will not run out if I started a fight. I do get told that I do not notice when I am being complimented but I do, as mentioned above, it’s impossible to discuss sustainable economic Policy with 8 persons of which 3 are fat cats who have a problem knowing where they fit into the picture and as these facts show I am one of those people that have been groomed into this existence as target for male misogyny on which all success and riches depends depending on intensity and how great their needs are, while I have issued these warnings about it, especially the ones that can be easily applied when somebody sits behind a red button in a Media studio over the course of the last decade and a half, which is quite enough time for them to have chosen a different way, telling me their money will not run out if I started a fight. I mean how many dream jobs have I destroyed so far with my comments and leadership? I do wonder if they realise it matches the number of endangered wildlife that have been killed to make me breathless talking rubbish at my Estate backyard about their needs and issuing stupid threats alongside the insanity of their Politicians.

Why it appears to be the case that each time I am sitting in an Office wondering why people think it is okay to handle my Literary work making Films and documentaries and Television on my Public image without any permission or due credits whatsoever, to an effect where I am unable to stop them to building up in a way which encourages their society goons to chase my private parts and make me smell like my toilet, at the end of which I am then promised a beating yap yapping all the time, the outcome is usually that they have already started making statements about how I have been made to behave. I really have no idea why it is that every Liberal fool on the Planet likes to think those conferences attended to provide them those stupid speeches that makes them think their madness amounts to a form of wealth distribution, like to think that if they pass insults at people it automatically means that what they have said is correct; hence a start to corrected behaviour on my part from the talking point of view first. It does not bother me half as much as they love to claim it does - what has happened is that they appointed themselves to decide what happens with my Finances and Academics, otherwise the reality is that if I spoke of it, I would only have been trying to make straight what is already crooked; they appointed themselves thus and were successful at it because Politicians support them as per that is the kind of Country we live in as it were but it is now blabbing so much insults at me especially concerning how I am being made to behave. It began some 16 years ago when the stereotype was that I was a moral person that kept to myself and that moral people who keep to themselves always come up with ideas about how people can ensure some people do not live a life the way that they wanted, I was then checked up and socially searched and they found nothing that could bring about such outcomes but then decided they had found talent and it meant they had found their kid on whom their future depends - that part was not discussed because as I said the Politicians support it since it is the kind of Country we live in except when it bothers their stupidities that is; now I have written a Book and they want to be the people that are criticised in it at all cost.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland