The real issue with cyber crime is largely a factor of how we can trust those who perpetrate them with the safety of the internet without actually paying them for it; the reason for this suggestion is mainly because I am a tyrant but also because the less destructive option was supposed to be having a list of possible targets due to what must have been gathered of the nature of the people and factor of those who operate these attacks and both in the real world and virtual world attack them whenever they have attacked, for it is the same prognosis anyway; i.e.  they get frustrated somebody else’s business pays for it etc.

So we don’t set about creating security for those who create the problem all together in the first place with the fact that each time they see internet entrepreneurs and cyber technicians at work, they take advantage of them to get rich and spread problems, so the rest of us might find a way to come up with security so they can get away with it. What they suggest to me for most of the time is that if a young person goes around commandeering the interests of the country by all sorts of violent and social corruption and holds it as a means of blackmailing authority while also bullying people,  into giving him privileges of injustice against target and chosen victims, he ever gets to pass exams in school as well while he is at it; whereas the reason that happens is that they are the ones that have sacrificed their sex to some power and are dragging other people into corruption and therefore nothing is too much to sacrifice because it only affects other people, that attack normal people and give such individuals something to pick on or might just choose some scapegoat for them all together with evil businesses targeted at specific persons whom they bully to get rich, to take their problems out on so that they might pass exams in school while they are at it.

They see themselves as big predator in the global Cyber jungle basically, usually at a time when no body suspects, so they can get rich and become unable to fight for themselves before they do, by which time it is too late and there is never enough of the bragging to attack their health and expose them to evil cultures as well. Therefore, some businesses they attack and play games with and create fights for and do so until they destroy it in order to grab the markets for themselves and make money advertising products from other businesses that they have completely messed around and get to use as a means of influencing Public and government Policy, which attacks in the same way any who associates with those businesses, other businesses they lord themselves over and protect as well at the same time, other businesses they love to bully and other businesses they make rich and control for their pleasures etc. The trouble being that some people don’t want to find themselves in that category of the businesses that get destroyed because they want and need to earn and they do not want all businesses to fall into the category that are successful or find their strengths because they want to run the show, hence the decision is not up to owners of Establishments and Businesses because if it was, then everybody will want to be the business that does not get destroyed so everybody else can grab the market.