China has just recently chosen to become the world first green super power, it has not chosen to encourage Asia and the region to fall into environmental catastrophe.  


 What I must do about the environment is not one of those matters from which people expect to engage me; I do equities and I am doing all I can for the environment; as it stands we have means of unlimited electricity by heat but we will not be caught dead doing that, so have we through wind but prefer to talk about the Sun of which we have as much as there is in the inside of the house of somebody who lives in Africa for example in the UK. So I will always use my State powers to confiscate any equities that can make money when environment issues are involved and when things are done properly people can get it back or wave it goodbye, continue their corruptions and when the planet dies we all die together. Its like the Politicians; where somebody can just get off and decide that based on their physical appearance they are born to be conservatives and it will never go away because they have also located these people that are mysterious but they claim to know everything about and then start scrutinizing people ito investigate for power that they are not using to everybody’s advantage and will definitely wreck peoples lives and talk nonsense to insult them further on the media expecting no revenge because hacking into peoples phones and computers is illegal. When I make out the difference between business men and trouble makers they wag their tongues telling me I will get into trouble with a big mouth.

 So I have no problems there I know I have settled the issue with back stage media fools who do nothing but sleep with the daughters of business men and think they can use me to get rich over every cause there is and also the idiots that they put on TV screens for their purposes who know that no body trusts them and hence seek support from the US each time they want to work their corruptions of involvement on causes they think they will get rich from if they pervade and or destroy. The real scandal though being that after 3 centuries of revolution of Industry otherwise known as Industrial revolution, we still see Trucks of 4 Ton Capacity thronging out of Industrial Estates with waste that are designated to be dumped somewhere.

 However this whole hacking into peoples personal lives we have not seen the last of; people will have to employ private investigators instead of breaking the law by direct hacking and then they will be able to gather enough facts about peoples lives to predict relatively accurately what those people are likely to get up to in order to write news as they like and expect those people to fall in line and if they don’t and somebody is about to loose money as a result they do something about them and put them in line. So based on distant insolent fascisms am I happy to see my gift of foresight which was given me by God used in such ways? Of course in fact I have written books to support the system all together as well so it does not grow without having a carer.