It is really not important who wants to be older than who and thereby deserve everything on the basis of the fact they envy others. The problem is rather economic. Because there is a crisis it is become more visible when you squeeze parts of the baloon and the problem simply pop up somewhere else more tightly packed.It is unfortunate that such idiots have to live in such times as a result of their insults and stupidities paying off. However it seems that because others are not so publicly available to the world as I am they do not squeeze these economic baloons over them as there is a good chance on ending up with a war, so they squeeze it over me instead.

With respect to the business ones, there is no respect from them for other peoples property, so they sacrifice it like crazy and tell me things like respect they are not getting when they appear on Public television and want to cash in on equities and intellectual property patented at my Office and then it gets worse because while I must be corrupt or else they do not wish to help me sell my books either.

In the end it applies that the internet once used to be a place where you could place something and be certain somebody will find it without your market place being blocked by those who check up on the new boys coming into the market. Having been it has become what it has become today, some idiots are still having trouble with their sense of respect for websites that belong to government officials and are used for government work, bearing in mind also the internet for them is a means of getting rich with aspects of peoples lives they do not want explored, playing online community.

Of course there are no real threats to my products at the market. The only one there is, is idiots playing the duck dipping itself in water style spending of my income with their games and audacities, which are things people do when they are the big guys in gangs that kids like me are trying to tag along with and after all their spin and touching my property to create whatever they feel the public must now have to believe which I have had enough of too, they can do it again if they want and it will mean they are squaring up too.

Its like their stupid MPs for those of them in the UK and the problem they have with the Police which results in phrases like “some Police officers” etc. they always think it is easy to work in a job that is mortally dangerous or that it is even easier to provide leadership in one, so they can never leave alone other peoples jobs and can never go to he office first before they appear on media. Bearing in mind the only person among them who actually has executive power to do anthing about the will of the Police is the Prime Minister and even he goes to the office and speaks to his secretary of state to do that. All anybody can say is the usual, let them put their backs into it and stop complaining. After all because of them idiots cannot have enough of standing close to my window to cause trouble until the Police has to arrive then leave after it is my responsibility with their stupid noisy cars and then the Police has to solve the problem forever and if they the Politicians do not ruin my finances at the job so that I might be available and then expose me every time I cover myself up none of it would be happening either. The Police does not enforce the will of MPs it enforces the will of the executive.