They love their complains about the economic situation but the problem has remained the same in the last year and a half which is that banks are not lending to small business who cannot therefore create employment because those who own run and manage them are still not doing something to beat habits they have with money that terrifies banks. Like their claimed hatred about what is happening in Libya because there is still so little respect for Africa whereas in actual fact the real issue is that all they ever do with their time is steal government money and get girls to gather around eating snacks with them, so they can turn up here to insult and attack me in order to tell me what has been going on and which side is the right side they want to be on. Then there are their insolent arrogant wives who think thereafter you need help from them and will show you the under side of their treachery which then has something to do with my business of selling equities for example because they are fat; all of which to me is simply all the dreams of things I want to do to rich people being fulfilled.

These are the people who come to the UK to get money from the previous government to prop up failing businesses they set up without a clue as to how to run except the fact that is that if I shop is Sainsburys I should be forced to shop in a black man owned store etc, which is also why I decide they must never have a feeling of being at home unless they become the Mafia they threaten to become all the time properly. Hence it is always better for us to have a problem than to have a situation which has no name; and when everything they have done to destroy other peoples lives which never has a reason to it have been frustrated by such victims, they begin to get socially politically and financially violent, talking even more nonsense about the importance of the big State, so Banks refuse to lend to small businesses and we have unemployment.

What we need now is co-operation between Banks and businesses not their stupid Union based corruptions.