The results we have had over the years is the scandalising of certain inferior people in developed countries finally resulting in a condition where globalisation has spread to developing Nations and left it with Political instability and social crisis.

What I have done for my part is rob those who have take part in it so far and their promise to make worse the situation in those countries continues to grow, while the tyrants they have gone there to get connected to have refused to give up government office. Recently their prime concern has become destroying any means by which I make them pay for the stirring of economic will in developing Nations and running away with the money, to leave countries with a Political crisis in their wake, which then ensures they are none the better off or richer anyway.

This was done as a follow up to a process of making sure I am able to crush the rise of social and spiritual wickedness which aids British diplomats in developing Nations while at the same time getting in touch with some of the enterprises there, which export goods to the UK in order to find technologically based means of increasing profit for producers and controlling inflation in the world. 

The Equity in this matter has more to do with making sure we have made those who make us suffer for doing good things no matter how well organised their skin burrowing flattery, by which they expect to get away with it; because not doing so on account we have suffered yet will simply mean loosing the battle all together and the subsequent consequence of being unable to protect and defend our jobs.