Its always a story about what a government official and a Politician last said about it in public, when we all know it is deeply embarrassing for a government to get off talking about immigration in terms of people coming to the country just because they want to be there, as there is no statistic which documents this. 

So if a government must be a government then it is supposed to work with statistics and if the economy is not doing very well it is apt to say something to send a clear message to the world-as some other economy is doing even worse, so somebody does not cross five desserts somewhere to get to the UK and end up without a job, or spend a certain amount to get to the UK and never stay long enough to get a job, earn and save enough money to make an investment out of it.

They discuss government Policy all the time because they are completely devoid of any talent and also because somebody is letting them and maybe when they find somebody bully them and report their career instead of the news on a daily basis laugh at them and completely pulverise their health no one will know.

I for my part hate it whenever Politicians get off giving them public funds to play around with and try their hands on those things they can do over and over and over and over and over to people to hurt them, which when they do for long enough will enable them to get rich without working for it, as if the rest of the Population are stupid and I think I have made myself quite clear on the matter.