They love  this idea of theirs so much that is about people who never put a foot wrong when they want to and finally are married into the Royal family unlike me; which is utter nonsense because it does seem that they feel that when they give my personal life away to pornographic industries and spread all kind of filthy violent rumours about me in society, stifle and mess up my finances because they have got their secrete society and gang money, think about how to marry their secrete society and gang money into the Royal family and realise the way to is to confiscate the empire and clean money of the Arch Prince that is the only person on the planet who knows how to get round making money without joining gangs while they will never buy his books and show off those insults all the time on public media, then sit down and plan to marry into the Royal Family and use me as a love outlet which they talk about among themselves as the rich elite that they consider themselves to be, then attack us, 'us' as in me and my Court which are really my friends-something everybody is entitled to have without scandals, bullying  and rumours as it were, that it means that they never put a foot wrong and I have as if I am their mate, when they are still the ones that come from bad stock.

The Big bullies and their much loved act of using the Priest to teach the women how to love and make better thereof their sex life or when the women don't want it use the Priest to get some much needed love that is denied them into their lives does not seem to show any signs of ending or improving-no matter how much of my work and finances it is used to damage; what they tell me I am doing when I mention it is deal with my own behaviour issues in order to be worthy to marry into peoples families with a big mouth as well.

 If they have figured out how to leave my empire and property, especially my clean Royal money alone, then we are bearer to seeing some world where no body cares who the hell they are and if not then we are far from settling the matter all together, what they don’t seem to realise is that no body cares whose family they marry into.

It goes without saying that I am aware they have insolent lower people that serve them all the time but those will use me or my disposition to get rich or connected obviously.

This is not to say I delegate support and Fan base from the richer sections of the Human race to somebody else, I would trade it for nothing it world, I am a book seller and cannot afford to, this is a standard set up as I must be able to ensure that the incentive to see the environment as important is maintained here, it follows on from other aspects of my work which ensures the monies of the richer population does not fall into the wrong hands, it is always double jeopardy for the world.