The big idea is always how scornful those who advocate protection of species really are, but the crisis is that these animals come from the UK and from America and from Europe and from Africa and from many parts of the world and the issue is that when UK whales get to the Indian Ocean and the Pacific they never return and the reason they don’t is not some strange phenomenon that scientists have not worked out, while the reason those who own the territorial waters where they do make them disappear is to research their impacts of fish stocks. It clearly will soon become a crisis that is bigger than the Japanese before it becomes serious to them.

It could have been suggested that endangered animals which come from other parts of the world should be tagged and thus strong international and legal sanctions put in place against those who kill them, so that those who kill endangered animals will only have done so with the stocks that are indigene to their territorial waters depending on their culture, but the reasons these animals are endangered already is because of the fact that the indigenes from other territorial waters are already being hunted down killed and eaten in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It does not happen to whales alone, it does to sharks as well but in terms of sharks it is mainly The Chinese.