Three Years ago the whole Political problem with the climate was centred around the importance of the needs of certain destructive individuals who support Politicians. It became obvious that the real problem of the Climate was never businesses in whose interest it was to create products that people want to identify with and products that are environmentally friendly because they are usually cheaper and a much better and viable business option if they can be made to perform the same way as the polluting products that use largely Fosil fuels to kindle power, whose big problem therefore is efficiency drives but rather the fact that people will not recycle for example because they want special community respects laced with the social aspects of lawlessness which after they get rich from they refuse to do something to clean up. Even when it is clear that doing such things although dirty is a very viable business; imagine for example having a company that reproduces for sale over 80% of everything that comes from the industrial world, wouldn't you be rich for keeping the environment clean by building a recycling industry? Hence the only way to deal with environment issues was to batter politicians into submission and to get them to tell their people to follow on and work with rules which ensure we are making our environment sustainable.

Today the rule book has been completely rewritten without any respect for the truth and Politicians are travelling around the world to ensure that big businesses that Pollute the environment are made to think about the needs of third world countries that suffer for climate change where they go to recieve chieftain titles that no body will give them here in the developed world especially considering the number of people that are more successful and richer than they are. 

This for the Labour Party MPs in the UK that do it is supposed to be something they believe scares me but that remains to be seen as I am clear about the fact that their latest instrument for going to underdeveloped countries to fight the spread of the Gospel of Christ has become climate change and nothing more; the old deal of making sure any help that gets to vulnerable people is used to blackmail those who want to help them into leaving the help behind and changing nothing about their wickedness which always after they claim is culture and society only come back to bite whatever help people get very much sooner or very much later, in my case it is always very much sooner because of the strength of my Faith and my inability to tolerate them also because of the nature of my Office.

It Beggars belief that they should think these things scare me. 

I am not of the Opinion people should do nothing to control violent and unreasonable people but these guys go to war with things that can be used to stop war no matter how small the war (if I may indulge a pervasion of despair), mainly for the purpose of blackmail and of course later imagination of other reasons as they go along.