The Most popular reason for destroying the environment and its wildlife is always the economic one based on the powers of the forces of demand and supply which exists on the obliteration of the fact that the Environment already had its own inbuilt forces of demand and supply; we human beings take for granted the fact we can take from the environment without replenishing what we have taken and for some people it is a matter of power; over the matter of allowing the environment to supply before we demand or cultivate our own method of using the environment or creating one for ourselves where supply is unrestricted when we want it, is the point where the politically powerful do not seem to care what people get up to but their actions actually are intolerable 

The social prognosis by which it operates is a complexly stupid and complicated matter but I will try to be brief: After the last few years of making out I am the evils that they are, these people these days spend a lot of time wiping me clean of everything good in my life with their wicked touches and replacing it with every evil and horrible vice and wickedness they have practiced or experienced and devised in order to place upon themselves on a daily basis; which by early 2005 had run out now they think they will sacrifice my job to build new ones for the purpose. This happens because people continue to make use of my work without buying the books, so I have no money to cope with my own problems-hence my worries and concerns are easily accessed by these trouble makers and poor people who should attempt things when they are certain of the odd have been getting opportunistic so they end up with the same problem as well and squeeze me out of my own income because an idiot hates my guts: as a Christian I would get by but now they have according to them given me a Crown to mock me with as they must be seen doing something daring.

I used to think during earlier days that I had to ensure everything about my work was going smoothly before I do anything about it and that was because I was confident people will not attack my books and or my income beyond a certain point, now they have crossed that line thus there are no more concessions.

In their eyes the world should be made up of evil people getting rich, while a Christian gets stuck in Church preaching about it and we have been past these matter of the fact it is irrelevant whether or not that is happening as I am more powerful and more important than they are but I have never told them the world cannot be such a thing, I have only told them they are not having my money and if and whenever they take it, I will get it back; A measure of the things they can do is simply find somebody ruin them over a period of time so they can end up trying to make a living at that point of which they can be said to get jobs kids should be getting and are never quite good enough to get the one the adults are getting, by which they create themselves the kind of people everybody loves to hate and attack, at the end of which they think I should have some power and then put it away if they are planning it against me and working me hard and violently to kill of their greed so they can be normal-after they get rich of course.

They have lost the bit where culture says parents are never evil, young people are modern and Christians are stuck, where they do whatever they like with their social corruption that affects only others and the world around them and next will most likely be their stupid money for which they cannot seem to see if I act on it will leave them with a horrible retirement (reason for this is that everything they do is based on feeding their addiction and the illegal means by which they get it-followed on with pressures on Law makers to make it legal).

Their usual stand is always that they will push me into a corner and become rich and famous with what belongs to me but all they will do as usual is make money and give people the sense that if they want to be famous, they have to become them, which leads to the murders and gangs and drug stories we hear about, which of course I don’t want on my property hence any sense of it happening there will mean that although they want drugs and are dying for it, the Police must have flushed out all their supply routes. It is only the waste of my time that annoys me because I remember it to be something my Dad used to warn me about concerning evil women and the men who fancy them, which means that they had planned these things over me for a long time and each time they fail means I have normalcy but is always followed on with demands from Politicians for injustice (before I returned to the UK with her) and will therefore continue to try to tighten their grip on my life, which is exactly the same attitude they apply to all living things, a grip that they don’t have at all in the first place and should never be given by Politicians who have violent evil wives which Political idiots can then play around with and become violently discriminative scum as much as they feel like because they feel they have peoples property available to earn with doing such things.

They are so certain that their discrimination has been incredibly successful against a Royal Prince when they are commoners, on account that whenever I say these things people will get better off than I am on it because of what media and Politics has been used for but the reason for this is that people largely don’t know what my financial situation looks like-hence they don’t feel they need to buy my books which is beside the point and a lesson they must learn (I am supposed to be able to tell these trouble makers I make money fighting them if anything is to have any security), while these evil scum tell me to give up my Royal Estate and try to be a celebrity in order to tell them what my financial condition looks like without counting the cost of what they are talking about-since I too am perfectly aware of the value of my empire and will have it in cash or otherwise; already they feel the devastation in the entertainment world is the end of the world, which they will have revenge for but it has taken nothing from me to achieve that and keep it that way yet.

The much simpler way is a clear understanding that a person whose office is split between serving the Church and serving the State write books about nothing that may interest them and how he lives his life has got nothing to do with them, except of course they feel they have this control on society where they can squeeze everybody into a tight bunch and then all can look and feel like they are related, so they can tell people how to live their lives, whereas that was my turf in the first place; the one that results from a condition where they want to live in an evil city but do not want to come up with the good that they work their evils on because they want to be evil only.

The process of having my income somewhere where they have total control of it and I cannot do anything about what they want to do with it would work if I ignored them but clearly that is impossible because they are the kind that make millions singing nonsense on other peoples property then return to rule them with the money. The part I really want to stop is that access they have to my personal life through public media and Political perceptions, so that every paternal instinct of mine is being done for the whole of society in order to mock and attack me for leading my people through trust, claiming it is because they are democratic and yet at the end, every change in my life is something they can sense on the media and society alike, which is why they always love to attack me with the feelings of violent sodomy that is the same thing anyway-only except this happens in my head and on public television, so they can get off making out ideas it belongs to them and follow me around with more attacks for living my own life, which tends to prove it doesn’t work that way.  As far as they are concerned, they are having new democracies and have built one with my personal life, as far as I am concerned, they will get the hell out one way or another. Not turn up here to want a future and want one thing after the other, after the other, after the other and threaten me at the end to keep me the way they can manipulate, which is how they complain about their stupid evil entertainment industry and promise to do something about me because they feel they can and no information will deter them otherwise.

I intend to confiscate all that fame this year; I am a high diplomat, no body Politically or in Hollywood or in their UK film council or Pop industry can do anything about it;-so it is still early days in the year yet and they can stop it. The reason being I have gone from Christian to the play thing of Popular music singers and any of them can just have a go at me with their stupid big insolent egos and get rich at the other end to continue it and dominate me with their insolence even further, which I have no power to do anything about it or stop. I mean I know they are a collection of idiots that go around having sex with everything and anything, which lands them in trouble, after which they will find somebody to manipulate, abuse and attack until the turn the person’s interest onto it while they should be studying or doing their jobs with their power and position and then try to turn their attention to the doing of a violent thing to stop it, after which they go back and do the same thing all over again-which is why they drive themselves with drug addictions and then set out on anything they want from people in such ways: hence in order to feed their habits they must have the person trapped somewhere first of all and total control of the persons life to begin and in this case a person such as myself; so they can do it, get me to do something about it over and over and over as many times as they can enjoy, having sex with everything and anything thing; claiming the reason to be that those who damage their culture always die, while they feel those who add peoples property to their culture leaving them cash strapped and unleashing violent discrimination on them do not come across any kinds of punishment.

 I remember, it is a case of ‘I can get myself involved in your work because I am older than you and you have been insolent by having opinions about what I am doing, or being more important than I am, especially the one where I know more about the will of God than God himself, so social corruption is a good thing except I don’t want it in my own life’. So the dialogue that follows; ‘social corruption is a good thing but I don’t want it in my life’-no it isn’t-‘then what can I say to convince you’- I am not interested-‘your friends and interests are in trouble’ (who even gives them money and access to importance)-if so, you are in even more trouble. Then it begins the everlasting fight with the person that has affected their culture in a way that will cause people never to fear it any longer when they knew what I was before they began and intends to go on without end followed with new violent and insolent excuses everyday that soon becomes a means to wealth distribution because they were born into the world first and had a job, helped on by stupid girls who are sure of being given a Priest they can abuse when they have been abused claiming that parents are never evil, young people are modern and Christians are stuck and every idiot can tell me what to do insolently to an obsession that later helps his public image.

Next we hear them give lectures about the problems young people face and yet you cannot spend 3 Hours in the company of young people without going home sick nor can you in the company of older people without going home sick, they will let you believe it is their personal problems and you must try and fit in but in actual fact is their big egos and their violence. I am 30 years old for example, want some stability in my life because of these things but the age of women I play with will first become their concern and then end up with them telling me what age I should be falling in love with. The first crime is always the long standing Christian that becomes so beautiful he is a threat to their system of things, when the only part of his life that concerns them is the day job he has to attend to, to earn some money-which is actually not their business; then it moves onto the fact the same is very good at what he does to the aesthetical point, hence the point where he has begun to pretend he is their leader and walk around in their city as though he is superior to them-for he must never walk around at all because they exist except they have subjected him and dominated him at some point; these days they don’t fight anymore they want to ask. I cannot make out why people discuss the problems of young people anyway, why wouldn’t they do something useful?

A large proportion of their powers is still based on sustained abuse of me over a period of years because of my faith, then moving into my right to get feeling of having ‘fucked’ just for the purpose of getting onto public television to claim things I have created for themselves or any idiot they want to make rich and famous first; which never works because I am already famous and they have thus decided to move the bullying onto claims of power, which they clearly don’t have either. Just like protest over the Iraq war.