Of course I know I am notorious for bullying violent adulteresses; I have unemployment and cash flow crisis created for me by men because I do. They claim they want to ensure I am doing it properly, in fact my unemployment support from the government has been deemed by them to be part payment for this service, which of course I am not rendering because while she wants to have "damned if you do damned if you don't" sex with me by ruining me financially and destroying my health first, then seeking enough economic progress to gain herself support from the government when she realises she cannot pay her bills as well, the idiots on the other hand are very busy doing "damned if you do damned if you don't" with my faith: i.e. your faith equips you to be defended against such evil women and you will be unemployed and a tortured soul, while we will be rich in order to make sure you are doing it properly. So I will not have them attack my faith and persecute me for it then realise they can make me use it to do things for them because I am a good person and thus their slave and like causes. 
 I can still remember how it was about 16 years ago when they were fond of refusing to do the right thing for themselves virtually in the proverbial plot of land that is their lives; deliberately planting weeds and then waiting for me during harvest to force me to turn their weeds into wheat whether God likes it or not because God cannot take back the power he has given to his prophet and while it is here whether down to me or not they will use it as they please; which of course never ends with using Gods power as it were because they soon move unto my job for this power.

They never leave people alone and so I too respond in kind and will never set them free and they will remain with me; I will make a living from what is going on in their lives and toy with their emotions in the process of every single thing I do, making sure they don't go away and choose self improvements from pervading the thing they have seen in my world as well. Hence making sure they are never free of me too. Of course it was never up for debate: they have nothing to do with my people friends or allies.

They speak of this thing where the recession leads to a condition where poorer people are driven from the city into the suburbs. Although it is a legitimate fear for leaders to have, it is virtually impossible especially here in the UK because there is such a small and tight collection of communities in the suburbs that people have little business there. Besides, in the suburbs you do social responsibility to do business and in the city all they do is seek easy life by dragging people's personal life out for a public show, humiliation and abuse, then force them to fight for civil rights in the process and then choose the easiest part and most comfortable benefit of that as the place where they can set up small hurtful business like gambling, or beer parlour or brothels and so on; so I have no idea how they are going to survive in the suburbs anyway. It will be all hell breaking loose if it is actually allowed to happen, not that I think it would anyway. They are always typical of very lazy, very violent, very selfish and very stupid; saying they never do social responsibility to do business because they live in multicultural societies and there is no point finishing it all and then suddenly discovering a new society has just come in and then you have to go all over again and again and again but there is always another more important reason, I don't actually know what it is and I don't care. 

Next they say things like big complex shopping malls are squeezing the life out of the city because they love to torture people after people spend their hand earned cash shopping in the city; most of the time over products which equities and intellectual properties had nothing to do with them in the first place, just the claims they make about the things people use their cultures for and how they own those cultures and how things only happen in the city if they are informed and had given permission (with a big lanky mouth of course). I on the other hand simply like the security of a place where lots of people shop and it is up to the shop keeper to decide who is spending the most money there.
In any case of which in terms of the economics of big shopping malls in the city squeezing the life out of it I cannot make out what the "scumbags" are talking about: if M&S is ten paces away from Sainsburys which is five paces away from Tesco and so on; what you have is Price stability the biggest beneficiaries of such set ups are the workers who work there because there is stability in the market, the business on the other hand can only make a set amount of profit and what they want most is being part of the community; so only a fool says such constructions are a bad thing but we have lots of them here in the city incredibly lazy, violent and wicked as well. 

Their move is always the beginning of the institution of the idea and sense of one man's death is another man's opportunity, one man's food is another man's poison and each time they do, it is driven down to the Human tendency for cannibalism all together. Absolute rubbish, always talking absolute rubbish; I mean it is all very well said when people make the comparison between humans and animals and tell us the closest flesh type to the human being is that which belongs to the Pigs but in actual fact the human flesh is a very disgusting thing: it is disgusting to look at; that very thin layer up there and the yellow fat below it and then the flesh that has no real texture under that and it smells disgusting as well, just like what comes out of its digestive system all together and because the skin is so thin, supports nothing which protects it from the environment, gets washed by all sorts of things to keep clean daily, you have no idea what it really is, let alone the contemplation of how hygienic it might be. 

The truth is that we Humans have no use in animal form; all we ever do is eat eat eat eat like a disease, a plague, moving from place to place on this planet, devouring, killing, creating wars, famine, suffering, death everywhere. Although the fact remains however that it is not all of us that do anyway and this is the point:

I personally do not class human beings as animals, our flesh the only thing that can be eaten off us is as disgusting as the things our digestive system leave behind when we have consumed other animals-we just need to compare with other animals to know this, all it ever does when it is not leaving something behind that is disgusting and pollutant is eat eat eat eat and eat everything else there is.
The only thing that matters about us is our minds, our thoughts; this is the human-we are not all the same, so this idea a collection of idiots have where they will cause trouble over our wealth and pretend we are until they have spent everything that belongs to us and when they are sure they are the only ones that have money show their true colour is a load of rubbish; this is not their own life.