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 The Geneva Conventions (Act) on the Law of the Sea


 The approach to the environment has largely been territorial and self regulatory. This approach does not seem to have worked and the fear I suppose is probably that there are more matters of territory to deal with if international Law is to go further-it is the same fear I used to have as a younger person when I thought about taking a stand against the attitudes of children with bad upbringings that have now grown up (bearing in mind that their attitudes had not done them a world of good it must be noted by the way).   

The result is not a far fetched consequence although support and leadership is required if anything is to be done to extend the protection of the environment.
As it stands: European Fishery Laws project themselves to be very comprehensive in nature but in actual fact cannot really be enforced. This is the case because Europeans are still making laws in a manner which endears socialists because they are preserving themselves and we have seen from history that once they have sung all the juice and honey in them and gotten into positions of power and even wealth, they express what their real colour looks like and no body gets to have a self to preserve any longer; besides which the rules and laws are so inept that perfectly edible fish is thrown back into the sea after being caught by fishermen, except of course the difference is that they are caught alive and thrown back in dead.

However the one that bothers me to a great deal is the Chinese; they give us this sense that they run a communist State and that in the communist state the government must do all it can to provide for its citizens because it is their only benefactor but in actual fact while Chinese fishing boats are incredibly vast in size and fitted with radar to detect fish and catch them with no chances of escape but for which fishes that are not meant for the Table cannot be detected and excluded by these same radar, so they have to be by hand after they are dead and wasted, there is also a fact that there are small towns of Chinese fishing communities all over China that are not provided for by the central government. It begs the question of whether the Chinese wish to catch all the fishes in the sea store them in a freezer and after a monopoly of the international market for fish and fishery products supply the rest of the world. 

I am not one of those who believe that victims of environmental catastrophe were previously people who made a living from the environment, this Idea is very dangerous and I am not of the opinion that people who love to destroy the environment may do so because others are making a living from protecting it either. It is a combination of ignorance arrogance selfishness and corruption that leads people to the destruction of the environment not what others are doing with it in a sustainable fashion.

The leadership factor here is that international community is afraid of what people who have strange and powerful practices might get up to with it if they are prevented from destroying the environment but I cannot envisage how the environment has any chances of survival if they are protected by those who fight others who fight such people in the first place claiming it is a function of culture. 

 It is no longer a territorial and border issue to draw and base line on the environment: people should be able to hunt what they wish to hunt and harvest what they wish to harvest from the environment if they understand and agree and only if they do to the means by which these things exist-it is the only way that the environment will become an economy in itself that is also sustainable-it is imperative that people come to a knowledge of what in terms of what the environment has to offer their desire to consume is a luxury and what is rather common and not therefore a luxury. 

There is in my opinion no point in protecting something that is so cheaply available and accessible but yields so much profit for those who have it: the environment exists at present on legally legitimised black markets which in actual fact with comparison to the goods economy sucks the life out of the real economy, its language and currency is fundamentally destructive the Irony being that it is so fragile and so accessible.