So I am asked to respond to this notion it is said people have, that Animals do not have feelings; but I do not think what happens is that they think animals do not have feelings, what really happens most of the time save cases of pure evil either way, is that they are so far detached that it is okay to excuse themselves with the idea animals do not have feelings – otherwise reality rather says that when your dog sleeps in the backyard, then it’s okay to shoot it for sport, when you can afford a £100,000 kernel for it, then it trends on social media if it teaches itself to bring you coffee in the morning as well but for the dogs its a matter of the homes they live in. It’s the same with environment issues – all a matter of detachment, weak governance, disobedience and approach: in terms of the first we have discussed above, in terms of weak governance the government becomes all carried away by their stories and fails to come up with Policies that matter because of the fears they have expressed and so starts to seek ideas when the fact the most effective methods of civil rule enforcement has always been the direct and traditional way. In terms of the disobedience, that will be a case of people putting Milk Bottles in recycle Bins and not in landfills but they shove the Milk bottles into the bin and fill it in to be discarded with more and more bin bags required, while at the same time having it all worked out with very important excuses to say its madness and that it will be all for nothing if they get cracked up and cannot keep a job, whereas reality is that putting milk bottles in recycle bins and not landfill waste bins was never rocket science in the first place – they always say the landfill is still bad for the environment as well but we all know that unlike disintegrated plastic in the food chain at the oceans which you can never recover from, landfills can be tilled and treated for a wide range of crops and therefore is land that takes away the trash but can also be used if needed, so we will never see the obedience occur even when the path that recyclable waste takes is one that actually makes sense. Then we hear them claim I want to live in the past and want things to be the way they were in the past which is utter nonsense; we all know that in that past when they had to service their Car engines more often than they would like, what they did was to buy a new car and scrap it because it served them better and polluted less, now we know there are too many cars and the pollution is getting worse and worse, what we should get when our cars pollute too much is a hybrid or an electric car – I have created a Canopy at my Estate that people have been deploying for the last 12 years to buy market time and secure research into renewables which efforts have been paying off in the last 5 years globally and so have I been providing creative and creativity equities to the manufacture of sustainable energy sources, which the last time we checked does actually live up to its sustainable title as it were – has nothing whatsoever to do with the past and or living it, has something to do with the fact that are wasteful existence really is wasteful indeed and the changes will always be an attitude based initiative, usually the point where I am told I steal ideas that had already been taken from me by those who are better than I am, which is utter rubbish; if they wind me up again I will set up this Office on that stupid society to see what will stop my Books being successful again too. In terms of approach however, it’s a matter of jokers who rip up other people’s climate matters initiatives to make a mess of it all the time; so it is when it sees mother of three at the Beach with little children who need a biscuit, that it decides to speak to somebody about the dangers of plastic, simply because the biscuits have a wrapping and he knows he can abuse people to create his own opportunities – does not add up to a regard for other people’s challenges when they are getting through their lives etc and does mean wildlife gets slaughtered. They do respond with that nonsense about talking tough and the need to fight in the present but we all know that was a story where looking at a large company manager will mean looking at a large company manager and looking at them will mean looking at them – I am not angry that they exist as they love to suggest that I am, I am angry because they provoke me all the time with the fact that they have no way of sorting out their problems save grabbing peoples jobs and peoples livelihoods and peoples prestige and peoples public image and peoples fame, so they are the people that grab peoples stuff to get through their lives and have always existed, fight now is a big mouth wagging and they need to pass around insults an train their stupid children in unbelievable ways get a Book; it’s an old story that they are not actually the goons on the right who pick up arms to kill fellow countrymen because there is too much senselessness going around or the goons on the left that will do anything for money but the queer violence scum who have a problem when there is no war with the peaceful state of affairs due to their opportunistic nature and will not stop showing up here to make the world think there is more between me and them save their disobedience garnished with lots of steady dripping provocation that churns my tummy and some finance blocking with media abuses that people really should not be afraid of – since given the right tools and measures, they do get to listen to what others are saying to them as well, instead of sitting about handling people’s lives, passing around insults in order to feel good about life, pretending people are none the wiser and a perpetual state of hope that somebody will beat up other people to have them feel happy and special like we see them cling to my finances to make me into a gang member that does it for them and will not take no for an answer with that stupid media and its insane celebrity culture – fight now of which is not actually in their interest. So, they do not actually believe that animals do not have feelings, they do what we see them do as a way of putting pressure on us all to part with money they wish to own – all a matter of detachment, weak government, approach to problems and lot of disobedience.