Government Rights for all Creatures

The sustainable environment is the official Environmental Leadership Website of the Office of British Arch Prince and Author Ikpe Uno.

Here the Arch Prince endeavours to commandeer all incentives of environmental matters and creates participation with it to achieve stability for the environment, essentially a voice and representation for the environment and the creatures that live within it. These incentives will not be released until the purposes for which they will be used is satisfactory in order to create sensibility in the way Policy is created over the environment, to enforce temporary and ad-hoc structures until Policies are in all occasions created effectively and in the correct and or proper way and people have also responded to them in the accurate manner. 

Certainly not the whims of Men whose wives and Daughters sleep around with media fools who make advertisements from the Public results of abuses and insults they levy on important people with it.

We are not nuts or noughts at Animal and Natural world welfare, it is really about giving up your place in the world over the plight of a specie; plant or animal, this helps to bring to light the truth and realities about the behaviours people exhibit when they destroy them.

Of course there is no shred of truth to the big idea that when wealth inequality is mentioned, people who are so rich it makes others uncomfortable become very disturbed; this is an illusion that the media of louts which is pretty much all the media we have today made up of very destructive individuals who gorge themselves on their wickedness and remember they need to pay their bills at a later date so settle it on somebody else's problem on provocations such as peoples light getting in their face etc. This is actually not the case; what is true is that they are riding the wave of moderate people in the world, people who refuse to explore the place whereby somebdoy chases your company for a decade and turns it into a game of the problems of women so as to draw attention to their stupidities on account they have products that are entirely for female private indulgences to sell and feels at the other end that she has done nothing wrong whatsoever because she is convinced there is nothing you can do about it or somebody gets off to seek wealth equality and sets about ripping up your company to seek wealth equality which makes no sense whatsoever but is perfectly okay because he wants to feel some release and want to be able to get away with it as well which is what it is all about because it will lead to a large company on one hand and idiots like these bleeding on the other. Its does not mean their version of what is reality has now prevailed; there are other versions such as people who are a bit of extremist at Industry - people who made their first millions selling Applications for Mobile phones for instance and have been homeless a few times and cannot count the number of homeless young women they met who were homeless because they were raped and abused by their step fathers to a point of running away - now being in a place where they have enough money to do something about it without committing murder, I do not think these self gratifying idiots have seen what wealth inequality looks like yet as it were.

Its just reality around such matters as the environment for instance which creates the moderation they are riding on; that if people think punishing them for their destruction and wickedness they find amusing has something to do with damaging the environment they need to leave the whole thing as they do not know what they are doing obviously etc.So most of the time its a matter of the fact they saw somebody get rich and want to get rich and as well and the result of that being others can never ever feel good and they have come to realise too that when they bring up wealth inequality, they tend to win arguments and that is why they bring it up all the time too - it does not mean others cannot get them to that point where their whole lives is a lament in its own right yet so far as it were.
                                                                     PUBLIC DISOBEDIENCE AND ENVIRONMENTAL PERIL 
They speak of this case where I am a coward that cannot handle bullying naturally but it’s an old story of how much abuse an idiot will perform and how much of it will restrict what I can do with my whole life before I then get to pay attention to and mention something about the fool that everybody wanted to beat up at School. It’s usually a case where you are unable to understand why people keep doing it until you get involved and he sticks you somewhere between that nonsense he does with people’s lives and private parts without evidence that he is, which nobody really can put a finger on in terms of how it affects others on one hand and on the other the people who like to beat him up and are probably in a gang as well and want to show you that you should always judge considering when you end up in the gang they will not be better off than you are still; it becomes a matter of having him beaten up seriously to stop him doing that thing he has gradually gotten used to doing and love to tell lies thereof that allow him do it as well to add to the things he must acquire to draw people’s attention to what he wants and how he must get it and that big mouth shows up on media over my case like that all the time seeking some of mine because it is convinced I will end up in a gang whereas the probability is that I will end up heading down the power route and he will get seriously beaten up and that will be a good thing because someone else was Royalty and he can keep getting involved too since we are obviously mates and doing so does not cause me to do various fake things thereof. They do say I have set it all up and set myself up through it to make a fortune but that is not what I have done – that bit about using it in profitable ways is a matter of incessant ageist insults concerning what I will be made to deal with over and over and over and over; so, I just get off and deal with it, so that I can supervise the ones that ageists will deal with when I am finished too. Overall, the anus and penis insults I suppose can always carry on until we have to witness what it is exactly they can do when they think they are done with it too.
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