The name Global Intellectual Space refers to the trust of HH's Intellectual Property Empire, His literary Empire Trust which Businesses and Enterprises manage and Hold in Trust with him across the continents of the World and so also help him to make a living with, bearing in mind the content of the Trust.  

 False accusations of sexual impropriety that may take up notoriety from public media and cost its victims everything they own and hold dear in payment for lost honour, to those who devise means of getting rich which they share among themselves, to War on Youth morality is all Men know and do I propose to allow any such choose self-improvements from my work.

They show in public all the time those women they rob people with, by such impunity but are nothing but disgusting individuals who have not got a good character to them and do nothing but steal and add peoples beauties to themselves to show off with.

This global Intellectual space was created when I gave out equities to businesses I had hoped I was giving away but ended up with a condition where they told me to stop being so lazy and demanded commitment from me, I own an empire and the rest is history.

It is for the most part when the money freak fools barge in and take my empire over with media just laziness and the process of securing somebody that will take the fall for it while they learn from their mistakes, so they can be sure somebody is in the place they used to be when they get out of it while their Politicians seek to determine the outcome of the fight between good and evil while making out it is all wealth distribution.

If people don’t like the fact I own over 90% of the planets economic intellect it is up to them to change the habit of seeking to earn other peoples income, while thinking they have extremisms somewhere by which it is possible to grab his property put it somewhere and enjoy a process where he can do nothing about it: the word for it in case they are stupid and want economic progress that will not last because somebody they have been fighting who can do something about them is broke and have nothing to loose is imposing opportunity costs on others and then crowding them out of their market at the same time. My Global Intellectual Space was meant to be an environment for businesses to work with my intellectual property, which they had already adopted into their products all over the world and also make space for research and development on climate and environmental protection, which I also provided equities for and hence beginner markets for such products thereof-since I much preferred the cause of cleaning up the climate to liaising with evil business men and women. I cannot help it now if I have worked hard and earned insult and abuse to the point where I now own over 90% of the planets economic Intellect, in fact I think it is for the better. 

Its much like when I want to keep to myself the fact that economic recovery can only be attained if I can get the world to move away from the crisis and into another new world economy I have created with my securities, as long as everybody says nothing about grabbing somebody's property because they had more power than he does or the fact it is my life and then we will all get together and make out that what we now have which is a safer economy is what the new world is and hence the bad one is the past but whilst I want to keep things like that to myself as a Prince and Security trader who intends to make a living like everybody else, I cannot because there are media organisations and the worst of them the most notorious of them being the BBC and the advertisement industry will rip it to shreds in Hours and demand another one with socially organised bullying.

I get told that I seek perfection because I think that the Authorities will love me for it. I on the other hand fail to understand what in their opinion should be the best place for me to seek perfection bearing in mind they have lumbered me with the tag of "generous person", which they know perfectly that having been they are big boys that beat up people and grab their things then tell lot of lies until they win, is a very dangerous thing to me if it was a tag that I accepted, hence they have forced it on me which means we are at war. For those of them that are not so rich; I have not got an idea where they derive claims they make on the media that they fight for me while I have a habit of hurting them because I am coward. They know I don't like them in anyway because they are always trying to make me do something about my civil rights because the one I did as a young person is not enough for them and when they have pushed it so violently and so often that it creates a problem which I deal with anyway because I don't care what people want to think about me and do not want it to go amiss that I always do exactly as I want on this basis, it seems it just keeps getting worse until the time when they tell me the reason they have done it to the point of wrecking my life after years is that I created a fight for them by asking for their help after getting myself into trouble and it makes me displeased in deed. I have not got a clue where they derive the idea they fight for me while I have a habit of hurting them.All they do is use media to wreck my diplomatic work trying to get rich with the commercials industry which is how they form new democracies from my personal life which they have wrecked my work to keep me single long enough into my adult life to extract and spend it on nothing but foolish women that want nothing to control them when they seek men they want to make a fool of, so I might start getting into titanic battles of interests to save the lives of government operatives.

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