The few uncomfortable facts about the environment are rather simple in nature and I mention its simplicity as a means of distancing myself from the possibility that I might have here said something terribly surprising and hence should not be in my view complicated at all. 

Questions such as whether our environment is unlimited, for which the answer clearly is that it is not. Questions such as the fact that all the good things in it is getting inside of us through our voluntary and involuntary doing, some of which we commercialise, while we throw every bad thing into it, which means that someday it will hunt, hurt and kill us, for which the answer is a definite certainty. Questions such as the fact that we do have a problem in the sense that the things we need, which we create from raw materials we gather from our environment, take so much longer than is sustainably necessary for us to have the environment itself, while it is a dumping ground at the same time will harm us, for which the answer is a certainty. Questions about the nature of our method of productivity, which is firstly not recyclable at all and secondly in the case of accidents cause irreparable damages to the environment, which is completely unnecessary bearing in mind more so that we are are already sucking into us all that is good in it and dumping into it all that we do no need or is bad, while we continue to expect more, posing the greatest ever mass deaths effects that we have brought upon ourselves, for which the answer is a certainty.

The most common argument those who do not agree with the existence of these facts as though not doing so actually helps lean on, is that I am a Christian who had refused to give up my Christianity to do something important with it and in its place which involves getting rich. I Just thought I ought to state it here.


There is no matter of servitude to wrestle with on the ranges in which these things exist, it is a simple case of an understanding of the perils of leadership and not inflicting it on others because it is not a good thing (see FAQ and Mother Natue. Refer to The Natual Environment Contract in the Beautiful Environmen, which I intend to push to have it Constituted and or Legalised by the International Community).

So the issue with the environment is largely that of the fact that to me since I am a Christian; I need to ensure that women do not put their problems in my Christian personal life and make a habit of abusing and cursing me and that the men on the other hand, always end up getting into such much trouble around here that they loose their communities to the extent where every attack on me simply tells me more things and need to know about how they operate. This is the basis on which I assume responsibility for the environment and thus decided to create this subsidiary of my firm for the purpose.

Their freedoms especially for those of them that appear on media, where they make up their own truths, to want and destroy things from peoples lives to the environment to get the attention of the rich and obtain leverage by which to ask them for money; they say, is something that I owe them. Maybe I do and maybe I don’t, all I know is that the reasons for the loss of their freedoms is entirely their doing and what they are saying to me that they will make me loose mine one way or the other if they do not get it back with a big mouth, so when it hurts like hell they get on their media and talk even more rubbish as well.

Just like that make out about the queens diamond jubilee claiming I have messed it up when they are supposed to report news about the Diamond jubilee of the British Head of state and not what I get up to.

So people say I pick on those that are weaker than I am and then when I do what I do I get to boast about it. It is not the case; they are not necessarily seen in that light in my eyes. They are simply a collection of very evil scum who realise that if a tyrant where to move from where he is, he will do them no favours but if he got into a fight with somebody and got beaten, then they must use the person and of course nothing is ever enough for them ever. So they turn up like that on that television after savaging my books to set famous again; 60 years old, a fair time on public Television but it is not enough, they want more fame, they want more money and each time they want it, attacking my livelihood is the way to get it and next we hear them talk about how I interfere with their shows about which I have done so such thing yet since it is clear when I do it there will be no debates as to whether I have but as it stands it is never enough; you wonder how your work ends up where racists are while racists do not like them but it does anyway and then when you get it back it shows you are strong enough and they will make sure you can survive or exist with nothing other than the work that ended up with racist and that is because they want to make sure you turn out to form a gang to fight racists while they get rich and it is something they do like it is their own right; the right to touch my livelihood, right to touch my property, right to touch my earnings, right to touch my reputation. You just get to wonder regularly what sort of wickedness these are and it has nothing to do with picking on weaker people and boasting about it.

I don’t think that it is a problem as such; my point of view is that I owe them nothing. I don’t know them in anyway and all I love around here is my books and they do not love those as well so there is no point for any conversation whatsoever. The other part of it is that every single one of them is an enemy but like to turn up to make so much insolent noise to grab my earnings with. A typical example is what happens when I masturbate which used to happen when I was younger and when that happens somebody that likes to park their stupid car near my window will wait for me to ejaculate then get into his car no matter what time of the day it is and drive around. you cannot work out what it means; maybe I think about his stupid wife when I masturbate or maybe he is punishing me because I cannot masturbate in my own home and it is like that, they think they have this various stages and levels of cultural power and that when it comes to that it always rests with men and so this is the big problem; that they have located ultimately kids they will lean on violently and painfully to get rich and women they will lean on violently and painfully to get rich as well, so far where it has led is where it has led bearing in mind that in 15 years of abusing me in such ways on no occasion has there ever been a good result for them, and I am no where near finished yet as it were and for those their stupid boys and girls it will end very well too indeed.

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