My environmental protection programme has questions around it from environmentalists and their interests is what I get from media over these matters for sometime now but it has gotten a bit more direct for the last couple of times, so I have had to declare the understanding of this site and my work here.

The facts about my environmental protection issues is of course first of all that environmentalists and animal welfare people are very short sighted when it comes to being able to regard the things they talk about as reference to what other people eat. I can understand when people feel a certain way about animals being put through great levels of cruelty to create delicacies and all those kinds of things but people don’t actually like to have their food changed by others.

Of course the natural problem I face with getting into environmental matter is a collection of idiots and their women that have plans to get rich moving in there to use the natural environment as blackmail for the purpose of getting rich because they are maintaining their access to cultures by which they gain power for the wickedness they deploy on others which tends to make them rich when they have money to run publicities with. The reason however that they think my environmental protection programme has question marks on it is because they are so disrespectful that it cannot cross their mind at all that I know and have checked up my facts before I embarked on the project and that the way it works is that I own an Equities and Securities business and it does not make sense not to think about and provide Equities and Securities on environment matters; point being of course that the Businesses I broke them with are taking them very well and so if their stupidities and insults and plans to be rich coupled with abuses and distant fascisms that are based on their frustrations and impatience over the desire to have money and get rich as though others have nothing more to do with their lives wrecks mine for me, I will chop them and their stupid lives to pieces as well, more so it is important as well to put in context their interference with my business and how people would feel when they get hurt by them and find themselves in the middle of the rain forest without and income but with a working chainsaw.

They really love those stupid insults about how I get off copying Japan to do what I do which is only possible because they cannot stay out of my private life and the process of bullying me to get trends and property to get rich with, which I have no idea what to do about except seriously start hunting them anywhere I see any of them in society or any where in crossing my path in the world. however being that there are other options I ought to explain that what they are talking about is a process where industry people especially those that make cars spend thousands of pounds to produce and put together colours which match my temperaments depending on the environment I must have created over some difficult issue I must have dealt with which is connected with industry and professional activity, they usually have these colours under lock on key by each company depending on the Equities they are interested in , therefore no two of those are ever the same but because these idiots have access to me via media insults they maintain for their purposes despite the fact I have warned them to shut it down endlessly, they will imagine these colours create them and blow them off at their music industries and club life looking for trouble as well. When they are finished they get off then making claims I copy Japan and invite their vandalism which suggests they never expected to get stuck in the middle as they do those things feverishly like they always do. it seems however that each time I say such things the reason for it is that it is all about clobbering me to get rich which has become a habit for their insolent girls as well who have also come to believe it is what works when they want money; In which case it is not clear to me either why they are always complaining.

An environmental protection programme developed along the lines of sacrificing idiots in the west could never have been without its defences as well and it is still therefore as dangerous as it gets. 

They always say it is all demagoguery and that no body understands why I get myself all over the place over demagoguery or indeed what I feel there is I can do about them but for me it is not demagoguery anymore, what it is, is a process where they have a habit of wrecking my income because they need to ensure either by what I sell which they buy or what they bully me to take from my work and property would have been the original, so that they might create equality and then their own superiority as well and they have already spent a decade of my time with the help of their Politicians doing that, having failed moved onto media to make capital of the fact they have wasted that much of my time, which of course is an old story. As for the matter of people getting to ensure my books are never sold because they can point out errors and make sure no body buys them until those errors are corrected, it is one of the most vicious and violent competition there is and my plans is to ensure it ends really badly too because they have no business getting involved with my livelihood the way they do; rounding me up like I was an animal, making sure they get involved and are book printers if I am a writer so they can manipulate me, making sure they are employers or friends of employers if I get a job so they can use me with a big mouth.Never mind Governments doing my stuff because Politicians are stupid and want to confiscate my fame, so they can spill blood on my business. Syria for example and the US and the EU where they are stupid and silly with a tension in everything they do and want to be superior to absolutely everybody, in this case it is meant to have been on my property and earnings of which will never make sense.