Examples of Wildlife in their Habitat. My attempt to demonstrate the most relevant difference between Animals and Human. As we can see all these creatures do is live in a symbiotic partnership with their environment, in this their environment has an inbuilt mechanism for protecting their future and their habits have an inbuilt mechanism to protect their environment.
When we human beings interfere it is an immeasurable levels of corruption to destroy these environments, the pinnacle of this corruption being the killing of wild Animals to make Household equipment and medicine when they can easily be artificially manufactured and distilled through local or advanced Chemistry. 
It is impossible as well to keep on pretending we have their interests at heart when we are evidently destroying them. Humans are not animals, they do not have a symbiotic co-existence structure with the environment, there really isn't an excuse or a middle ground, we are either positive in our actions towards the environment or negative which is destructive.

I am told that no matter what I do I always lose, which does not make any sense to me whatsoever when my day is spent on Industry fools looking good in suits for the purpose of building pressure publicity that gets people who show up here to express interest in what I am doing, parting with their money somewhere else – so I am wondering if these people have been buying Books yet, finding out what the commotion around my concerns really were, or spending all the attention on their stupidities, bearing in mind I have tolerated it this long to let them grow too big and too destructive for their own good all together; we all know it is a behaviour that will never stop if they see there is no prospects of being forced to share the market, income or salary. As for the story of getting myself into trouble with the Politicians, we are going to progress to the part where I regard them dangerously as well, regard them as a separate entity from the elected Offices, to ensure they lived dangerously too and then whenever I will being respectful, it will not take it all and run off damage for my livelihood to brag about the fun it is having all over parliament like they are doing presently. Those who claim it’s a matter of detaching me from the Monarchy are another story all together; the years they spent sleeping around and gathering up ethnic minorities that will pass around blame culture at the shops, much the same as the Politicians wreck my academic work to keep up processes of winning elections by blame culture and are now wrecking my Books for an exit, I was allowed to get anywhere I wanted, so they might target me with it. As for my so called attitude, that will be something they have recently gotten accustomed to as well, the believe that passing exams in school to spend time making stupid people rich, makes them clever enough to pass their insults and abuses at me like that all the time, which is about to get better as the process of writing Books to support me and others while I completed the academic work has turned towards a mini war because of how much they need my personality and my intellect for their own private purposes – as I will get on some high position soon enough, to spend most of my time showing them off as a bunch of silly suit wearing educated idiots. They do complain about some art I have used on this website landing naturally, since last they gave me some of theirs – they say it wounds them and I know what they mean, if the fact interest groups are out there cleaning up the Natural environment gets to mean that they dumped more waste because somebody was taking care of it, attracted a new kind of sex associated with such things. Their Politicians have said that they do care about the environment as well naturally and it’s the same when they complain about being tracked and I am pushing off goons who wrecked my academic work and have since continued to show up around my concerns to draw up a link between being strict with the female half and making money on other people’s public image, hunting down my job prospects and the success of my Books right down to social media, they are busy spending their time alongside their media fools, building up publicity about my tummy ulcer for it; they care about the environment and those who profess it have not yet done well enough to stop attacking me over the insanity that is associated with it causing the bottom hurting all together – the one that comes as a result of doing something abusive and loving at the same time to the old man in a bush who cooks good bush meat, chewing snacks, sleeping with girls and punching money. So we see the whole thing feed into a tale of me passing off women who have expressed an interest in me while what really happens is that they never get in touch all together, what they do is pick up a story they can spread around on such things and run a business on it, reason being that I had decided the other half will be doing the money and publicity bits – so we can see that Celebrities who think I cannot stop them making it all about me while paparazzi are taking their photos and making them rich by doing so, wrecking everything around here, have no sense of commitment even in terms of the fame they chase let alone the personal life and that the Royals who want to get along with those are much the same as well, such that whenever they handle anything around here its about getting in the shoes of a would be partner of mine and then running off this gimmick of telling tales about it to run off a money making plan at the end; we all know if I picked a woman on the streets at random and told her what I am doing, her role in it, we would be fine and the Monarchy would be served, in the same way it has long been assumed by those who claim to protect the environment, that antagonising Staff at Companies which produce Environmentally destructive substances in a controlled setting, facilitates a means by which the Authorities are able to control environmental vandalism with the Chemicals produced.
















They speak of this case where I am a coward that cannot handle bullying naturally but it’s an old story of how much abuse an idiot will perform and how much of it will restrict what I can do with my whole life before I then get to pay attention to and mention something about the fool that everybody wanted to beat up at School. It’s usually a case where you are unable to understand why people keep doing it until you get involved and he sticks you somewhere between that nonsense he does with people’s lives and private parts without evidence that he is, which nobody really can put a finger on in terms of how it affects others on one hand and on the other the people who like to beat him up and are probably in a gang as well and want to show you that you should always judge considering when you end up in the gang they will not be better off than you are still; it becomes a matter of having him beaten up seriously to stop him doing that thing he has gradually gotten used to doing and love to tell lies thereof that allow him do it as well to add to the things he must acquire to draw people’s attention to what he wants and how he must get it and that big mouth shows up on media over my case like that all the time seeking some of mine because it is convinced I will end up in a gang whereas the probability is that I will end up heading down the power route and he will get seriously beaten up and that will be a good thing because someone else was Royalty and he can keep getting involved too since we are obviously mates and doing so does not cause me to do various fake things thereof. They do say I have set it all up and set myself up through it to make a fortune but that is not what I have done – that bit about using it in profitable ways is a matter of incessant ageist insults concerning what I will be made to deal with over and over and over and over; so, I just get off and deal with it, so that I can supervise the ones that ageists will deal with when I am finished too. Overall, the anus and penis insults I suppose can always carry on until we have to witness what it is exactly they can do when they think they are done with it too.

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